1. For anyone who missed it here is Sunny receiving an award from bbc north west, he was nominated by some of his pupils at St George’s! Very proud and still amazed by the continued support. Meg x

  2. Tonight Mr G was awarded with Inspirational Teacher Of The Year Award. A very proud moment for all of us!


  3. pinky---promise said: dont know if its you thats on this blog sir but how you doing?! kathryn xx

    Coping as well as I can but its slow have a chest infection at the moment . Which is hampering my progress but I will be back but have to be patient until my strength builds up. I have currently a weak immune system at the moment so am vulnerable just need to be patient

    Thank you for asking


  4. sumaiyamoreea:

    Evening to all…I read on Facebook about Sunny and was so very shocked and upset. I have worked with Sunny at St George’s and as the students write, he is an amazing teacher who gives 110% with all that he does.
    Please pass on my regards and tell him that we have him and his loved ones in our prayers.
    Lots of love x

    Thanks Sumaiya for your kind words.
    I will be back , my improvement stArted off miraculously well in that I was only in hospital for 6 days after my op when I should have been in 3 weeks. Now I’m starting to plateaux and get incredibly tired in the evenings but I’m incredibly lucky to be alive. Each day I get stronger and improve but you know me I always want to be better and want things done yesterday this is one thing that I must take easy.

    Take care and keep looking for vacancies at the school you never know ?



  5. shach814:

    Hey Sunil and family

    It’s good to see you looking well.
    It will be slow steady progress, but I know you’ll get there, especially with all the support you’ve obviously got from all your friends and family.
    I noticed your wrinkles on your face have all gone, did they pull the skin right back before the surgeons put the stitches in?!
    Still looking young as ever.
    Uresh and family

    Thanks uresh they may have but get my brain is functioning normally that’s the main thing and my personality is exactly the same

    Thanks for your concern but I hope to be on the mend now slowly but surely


  6. tiam21:

    So pleased to hear that your op is done and your awake so soon! Knowing you though they’d need to sedate you to keep you still for two minutes! The messages on here are lovely and well deserved, take care, thinking about you and your lovely family, hope the support from here is spurring you on. Tina x

    Thank you Tina

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  7. janeboyne:

    Wishing ‘king of maths’ as josh quoted a very safe and speedy recovery .. We are all saddened to hear of your illness but nobody more than you with your determination can get through this .. All our love and thoughts are with you and your family.. You have been an inspiration to so many kids at st georges and no more than josh … You can beat this … Love ’ The Boyne’ family xx

    Thank you that is really nice. Josh is an absolute credit to you

  8. I would like to thank all the people, friends, staff and most of all family for their comments they have provided me the strength and determination for long recovery ahead the fact that I was out 6 days after my operation is testament to all this positivity.

    I know the journey isn’t yet finished but the biggest hurdle has been jumped.

    May the force be with you
    Live long and prosper.

    Thank you

    Mr G


  9. mandjf said: Thinking of you sunny and hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care. :) Amanda x



  10. jordanfinny said: Wishing you a speedy recovery mrG, get back to your old self and back sharking as soon as possible! Best teacher going without a doubt! get well xxxx - Finny x

    Thanks finny